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Ken’s Upcoming Events

If you or your organization are interested in having Ken present a seminar, workshop or coaching session, please get in touch!


Past Events & Presentations

NAHB – International Builder Show Presentations

2016 Presentations

  • 55+ Central
  • Remodelers Central

2017 Presentations

  • Building Systems Lounge
  • 55+ Central
  • Custom Home Builders Central

2018 Presentations

  • General Education Session
  • Building Systems Lounge  
  • 55+ Central
  • Custom Home Builders Central
  • Remodelers Central

2019 NAHB BSC Summit in Pittsburgh, PA – 2019
Views for the Off-site Construction Industry – Panel Discussion

Modular Home Builders Association – 2016 Annual Meeting
Consumer Awareness Program – Modular Industry Presentation

Art of Construction Podcast –  January 2018
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Systems Build Lifestyle Show 2 – Modular Builds – How Does it Work?

CareyBrosPros Podcast –  July 2018
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Modular Construction – more than a “block” party!

Mod Coach New England Modular Boot Camp2016
MHBA Industry Presentation – Milford, MA

Mod Coach Midwest Modular Boot Camp2016
What are Search Analytics and Why Should a Builder Care? – Indianapolis, IN

Simplex Homes – Monthly Sales Meeting2017
Modular Construction from a Builders Perspective


Invite Ken to Speak

Modular Construction 101
General Education on Modular Principles
55+ Home Building Practices
Building Systems
Custom Home Building